Spiritual Growth Check-Up

As you complete the assessment below, don’t spend too much time on any one item. Being as honest as possible in your responses is important and will make this assessment a valuable tool in helping you to takesteps forward in your discipleship in the coming year. Use this scale to respond to each statement:     

Rarely or Never – 1      Some of the Time – 2      Most of the Time – 3      Almost Always - 4

1. I practice a regular devotional time (quiet time) and look forward to it as time with Christ.     _________
2. I experience God’s presence when I worship and recognize changes needed in my life as a result.     _________
3. I seek Christ’s guidance first in my life, and when He makes me aware of His will I follow His leading.     _________
4. My relationship with Christ is the most important value in my life. Knowing and pleasing Him is my greatest joy.   _________
Abide in Christ Total 

1. I read the Bible each day.     _________
2. I evaluate the ideas and lifestyles in my culture to see if they are consistent with the Bible.     _________
3. I use the Bible as the guide for the way I think and act.  _________
4. I join together with others regularly to study the Bible.     _________
Live by God’s Word Total _________

1. My praying includes thanksgiving, praise, confession, and requests.    
2. I desire to grow in my prayer life and look for ways to improve it.    
3. I am moved to pray because I am aware of my complete dependence on God for everything in my life.    
4. I have a time of prayer each day.     _________
Pray in Faith Total  _________

1. I seek forgiveness when I hurt someone and forgive others when they hurt me.     _________
2. I allow other Christians to hold me accountable in how I live for and serve Christ.     _________
3. I show patience and kindness in my relationships with family and friends.     _________
4. I am forming meaningful relationships with other believers.     _________
Fellowship with Believers Total _________

1. I share my faith with non-believers.     _________
2. I make my faith known to my neighbors, fellow employees, and others I meet on a regular basis.    
3. I intentionally maintain relationships with non-believers, desiring to be a witness to them, and pray for their salvation.    
4. I am prepared to share my testimony or talk about spiritual matters at any time.                                                                                                     _________
Witness to the World Total   _________

1. I understand what my spiritual gifts are and use them to serve others.     _________
2. I tithe or faithfully give a significant percent of my income to support my church and to help others.    
3. Meeting the needs of others is an important value in my life.     _________
4. I serve regularly in a ministry at my church.     _________
Minister to Others Total  _________

·    Add your total score in each of the six spiritual disciplines. Is the score in any of the disciplines noticeably lower than the others? If so, then this would be a good area to try to strengthen this year.
·    Circle the items with a response of a “1” or a “2.” Using the “Recommended Steps for Spiritual Growth” decide on action steps that you can take this year to move forward in this area of your discipleship.
·    To get an idea of your over-all spiritual health, add the scores for all six disciplines together and divide that total by 24 and compare that number to the following scale:
        3.5 – 4     Excellent Condition (Keep it up! The discipleship journey is never done.)
        3 – 3.5     Good Condition (You’re making good progress—keep going!)
        2 – 2.9     Fair Condition (You’re doing some good things—keep moving ahead!)
        1 – 1.9     Weak Condition (The bad news: You haven’t gone very far yet.
                                                    The good news: with God’s help you can make great progress this year!)